GENERAL SITE RULES - Last Updated July 25, 2011

1) Only one account per person is permitted.

2) Admins create rules and policy, Moderators enforce the rules and policies created by Admins. At times, some discretion is permitted to moderators enforcing site rules.

3) Do not argue with forum staff after they have performed an administrative action of some kind. If you feel that an action was or wasn't taken unjustly you may send a respectful PM to an Admin or the appropriate moderator to discuss the issue. Do not create posts or public discussions to rant about Admins, Moderators, or decisions.

4) Be respectful of other members. Joking and teasing a little towards users now and then is fine, but you cannot take it too far. Outright trolling, inflammatory, or overly offensive content is not allowed. This would include, but not limited to, making it your personal vendetta to take someone down for their religion, race, sexual orientation, gaming console preference, or like of Inuyasha. Admins and Moderators may have some discretion in determining what is being taken too far and what is permissible on a case-by-case basis.

5) Make sure that your post is relevant to the forum which you are posting it in. Example: You shouldn't be starting a forum game outside of the Forum Games forum.

6) Do not post in unsticked posts that have not been used in over 3 months, unless there is a current, relevant reason to do so. (Example: It's okay to post something relevant in thread for an upcoming convention even if that thread hasn't been used in a while.)

7) For the moment Youtube videos may be embedded into posts, but it is NOT permitted to set them to autoplay or to embed excessively.

8) Trolling, Advertising, and Spamming content is not permitted on this site.

9) You may not post illegal content.

10) Threads dedicated to mature images may only be posted in the appropriate mature areas of the site. No images considered 18+ may be posted outside the age restricted 18+ forum

11) You may not impersonate a mod or admin. Usernames similar to an existing mod or admin may be changed.

12) You may not use an account that you did not register yourself, except when granted use of a pre-existing account by an admin or lead moderator for specific purposes.

13) Additional rules may apply to certain forums or areas of this site. You are responsible for checking stickied posts and announcements in individual forums for any additional rules that apply in that forum.

14) Underling may, or may not be free to screw the rules.

15) You may not 'Rick Roll' or link to sites containing scripts that make the browser window difficult to close, or function abnormally.

16) Do not ever hotlink images from a chan site.


The IRC Chat room that we link to is a part of the ARG-IRC network. You are responsible for reading and following the rules of the ARG-IRC network and any additional rules of individual chat rooms on that network. Rule violations on the IRC chat room may have repercussions for you on this site, and vice versa.


Only one account per person is permitted.

The term 'content' may be used to refer to any message, text, image, or audio submitted to this site for the purposes of display to 1 or more users and includes, but is not limited to: Threads, Posts, PMs, Social Group Discussions and posts, Blog comments, Visitor comments, Picture comments, Attachments.

There may be some discussions and content of a mature or controversial nature on some parts of this site. Users are solely responsible for the content that they post. All content express only the views of the user who posted it, and site owners and staff are not responsible for such content. We are not responsible if you encounter content that offends you.

We reserve the right to ban any person, account, or ip at any time for any reason with or without prior notification.

We reserve the right to remove, delete, edit, or close any post/thread or content at any time for any reason with or without prior notification.


We collect some basic information (email address, birthday) during registration. Birthdate allows us to determine if you are old enough to participate on this site (minimum age of 13, unless given COPPA compliant parental permission), or participate in certain areas of the site with a greater age restriction. Email Address helps us ensure that only one account per person is created, as well as allowing the forum software to send you important messages. The public display of such information can be allowed or disallowed in the user Control Panel.

There is no expectation of privacy in any content submitted to this site, and while the owners, administrators, and moderators have no obligation to monitor content, we reserve the right to.

Those with the username 'darkarcher' give their consent to the harvesting of their genetic material for the purposes of developing a race of superior moderators.

These rules may change at any time without notice, and it is your responsibility to check updated rules. Continued use of this site constitutes acceptance of these rules.